On Lake Irogami
Wautoma, WI 54982
United States of America

2023 Rotary On Ice Contest: Official Rules
Overview: A structure is placed on ice on Lake Irogami. The structure has a clock installed which will stop when it sinks. Purchased tickets provide chances to guess the date and time the structure sinks, and the best guesses win cash prizes.
Alternate process: A secondary method of determining winners of prizes, which is a backup method for the basic process based on truck sinking time.
Contest Director: A person or persons designated by the governing body to run the contest. Two or more people may serve as co-directors
Entry/Entries: The ticket owner’s guess(es) of the sinking time and date written on a ticket. An entry consists of an entry time, an entry date, and the required identifying information as described in the rules.
Final ticket sales date: Last day that entries may be sold. This year that date is February 15, 2023.
Owner: The person owning the ticket, and who can claim the prize for that ticket.
Governing body: The Rotary on Ice Committee of the Rotary Club of Wautoma, Wisconsin, PO Box 1045, Wautoma, WI 54982
Raffle-coupon: Identical paper documents used for a random raffle drawing in the alternate process. Not to be confused with tickets.
Tickets: A document that records the entries. A ticket may have one or more entries on it.
Structure sinking time and structure sinking date: The time and date when the clock attached to the structure shorts out and stops due to sinking.
1. Prizes are awarded based on the shortest duration between the entries and the sinking time.
2. The final day of ticket sales is Saturday, February 01, 2022. All tickets must have the Rotary Club of Wautoma by this time.
3. All valid tickets will be placed in a secure location on or before the first business day after the final day of ticket sales. (February 01). The tickets will remain secured until after the sinking time has been determined.
4. Tickets may be sold, filled out by the owner, and returned at a later date. The Rotary member selling the ticket must sign the ticket on the back to show that ticket was paid. In this case, the owner must return the ticket by the last ticket sale date, or the ticket will be invalid, and the sales
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price will be regarded as a donation. The best practice is to write on the back of the tickets: “Tickets must be returned by Feb 01.”
5. Ticket costs are $10 for a ticket with three entries, $15 for a ticket with 5 entries, and $20 for a ticket with nine entries.
The owner of the ticket owns all entries on the ticket. The winnings will be distributed to the owner, and the contest is not responsible for side agreements for prize distribution that the owner may have with other parties.
6. Tickets must include the following information or they are invalid:
a. The exact time of the sinking, including month, day of the month, and time of day.
i. Entries for which neither AM nor PM are designated will be presumed to be AM.
ii. Entries times will be interpreted as US Central Standard time or US Central Daylight time depending on which applies at the date/time of the entry.
iii. The Entry Date must be after the final ticket sales date and before May 1st.
b. Contact information, including (1) name, (2) functional telephone number, or email.
i. If the owner cannot be contacted after two weeks, then the ticket may be declared invalid by the contest director because the telephone number or email were not functional.
ii. The owner has six months to claim their prize and cash their check, after which time the prize is canceled.
7. If the prize is large enough to require an IRS 1099-MISC form, then the owner must provide all information required to create an IRS 1099-MISC form. Prizes will not be awarded if the information is not provided.
8. Prizes are:
a. One (1) Grand Prize of $1,000
b. Four (4) Second Prizes $100
c. Ten (10) Third Prizes of $50
d. The total of all prizes is $1,900
9. The process for determining prize winners, based on sinking time is:
a. The sunken structure will be removed from the pond after the remaining ice on the pond has sufficiently melted for safe removal
b. Immediately upon removal from the pond, a clock (which was attached to the structure before it was placed on the ice) will be removed and read to determine the official sinking time.
c. If the structure sinks after the beginning of Daylight Savings Time, one hour will be added to the clock to comply with Daylight Savings Time procedures.
d. All entries will be removed from the secure location, reviewed, and validated.
e. Prizes will be awarded based upon the shortest duration between the validated entries and the official truck sinking time,
f. The grand prize will be awarded first, followed by second prizes, and then third prizes.
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g. If any two or more entries are identical, a drawing among the identical entries will be done to determine which of the entries will receive the greater prize.
10. If the contest director decides that the prizes cannot be determined based on a sinking time, then the alternate process will be used for awarding prizes. This is a random raffle drawing that gives equal weight to all entries purchased on all valid tickets.
a. Situations or conditions which would preclude determining the prizes based on truck sinking time include:
i. If there is not enough ice to safely roll the structure onto the ice by midnight on the final day of ticket sales (Feb 01, 2023). ii. If the structure sinks before or on the final ticket sales date
iii. If the structure does not sink before May 1.
iv. If it is determined that tampering at the project site may have occurred.
v. If there are other unusual situations or occurrences as determined by the contest director or governing body.
b. Rules for determination of the winner by random drawing.
i. Ticket sales may continue to the normal final ticket sales date.
ii. Identical paper raffle-coupons will be prepared for each entry, that is, each ticket contains 3, 5, or 9 entries, and one paper raffle-coupon will be prepared for each entry.
iii. The raffle-coupons will be mixed in a container. iv. Winners will be selected by randomly selecting raffle-coupons.
v. The grand prize will be drawn first, followed by second prizes and then third prizes.
c. The random raffle drawing will be done at the regular Rotary Club of Wautoma meeting in the second week of May or in the case where the structure could not be placed on the ice, the contest director may elect to have the drawing at the regular Rotary Club of Wautoma meeting in the second week of March.
11. The contest director and the sponsoring organizations are not eligible to win. Employees, leaders, and customers of the sponsoring organizations are eligible to win. 12. The contest director’s rulings on the contest rules are subject to approval of the governing body. The decision of the governing body is final. License
This raffle is licensed by the State of Wisconsin Raffle License # R0006753A-67444