If you own or are a part of a local business, please consider joining Rotary as a corporate team! CLICK TO LEARN how Rotary can invigorate your employees and bring more awareness to your company.
The Rotary Club of Wautoma has a wonderful membership program for local businesses.  Rather than becoming an individual member your business can join as a Corporate member and pay the same dues as a single member.  You may then assign up to 3 people to be in that Corporate membership.  If one person can not attend in a given week one of the others can attend the meeting.  All three are welcomed to attend and just pay for the extra lunch(es).  Each corporate member is a Rotarian and is thus asked to participate in some of our club events (Rotary Auction, Fair Gate assistance, etc.)  Contact membership chair Sharon Marek by email or phone 414-430-3905 for more details.
Join current corporate members:

Kubasta Law Office
Waushara Industries Inc.
Wautoma Area School District